What does it mean to be Zimbabwean?

Can we ever really be defined by more than just our politically driven socio economic failures? What does it mean to be Zimbabwean? The answer to this single question is complex and at the same time obviously simple and clear. We are diverse, colourful, industrious, resilient and hopeful. Our adaptability and resilience is based on […]

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Amazing First Lady Grace

When the first lady asked ‘Why shouldn’t I be president?’ what she was really saying, loud and proud, was “Turn down for what?” and boy did it set the chattering Zimbosphere alight. The phrase has toured the internet, television and radio, and rarely is it posed as a question to be answered. So, perhaps we […]

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It’s all about money

Zvinhu Zvirikufaya. Is it a celebration of the Zimbabwean industrious capacity to find humour in all situations? Or is it perhaps an indication of something altogether more disturbing? How else are we to interpret the show of pride as muzukuru demonstrates how he has succeeded in his effort to make homemade garlic bread or the […]

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Diaspora remittances fall

We will never know if the ruling party foresaw the post-2000 crisis, marked by mass migration or indeed the continued social decay and exodus of the second wave in 2008. We will probably also never know if they anticipated the influx of cash returning to the country via remittances.   We can debate the level […]

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We are all Baba Jukwa

Despite widespread corruption, pestilence and death, sub-Saharan Africa has remained largely unaffected by the Arab Spring. So unaffected that you would be forgiven for thinking Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt were not rock and soil on the African continent. That isn’t to say Zimbabweans didn’t dare to dream, think or talk about revolution – they did, […]

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